Finally got my Dyson

I have been eyeing to get a new hairdryer for some time, Dyson to be specific but the price always makes me put it back each time I touch it. And actually if you convert the price around the world, plus minus there isnt a siginificant difference for me to trouble friends or relatives to get it for me.. adding additional baggage to them.

Anyway this year I have decided that I would wait for sephora’s sale but that would usually be 4th quarter of the year? Was telling myself to just suck it up and wait.

Yesterday I was in Harvey Norman and they were having this super 2 days sale and all dyson products comes with 10% cash voucher. Omg. Never have they done that?

So yes, come to mamma!

Love it heaps.

Happy Valentine Day

With a blink of an eye it’s already February 14th and I totally forgot it’s V Day till my hub wished me.

Was not feeling well past few days cause down with sore throat, flu and fever. Good thing is my tummy is slimmer now. Lol..

Since we will be on a road trip back today I thought it will be perfect to wear my new TCL maxi dress.

Love love love this dress cause its so sweet and there is an attached shorts in the inner part. So versatile.

Hope everyone is well and all ready for CNY.